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Asia Students Package Design Competition

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The entry period of ASPaC 2018 has ended
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Organized by Japan Foundation and ASPaC Association
Management and Planning by Japan Package Design Association (JPDA)

The Asia Student Package Design Competition (ASPaC) is an international cultural exchange project aimed at grooming talented young designers of Asia so as to create a common future driven by “Asia”, “Students” and “Design”.
This project is organized and promoted by Japan Foundation, ASPaC Association and Japan Package Design Association (JPDA), with the support of public institutions, design associations, corporate companies and academic institutions of the participating countries and regions. ASPaC’s visions are to enhance international cultural exchange between Japan and Asia, as well as to foster the ability to create our own future and soar to greater heights.
Fumi Sasada, Chairman of ASPaC Association

1. Communicating to the World

We strive to realize the potential of young people and to communicate this message to the world.Package design is a form of art and culture that is closest to, and has profound influence…

2. Leading Corporate Social Responsibilities

It is an important responsibility for companies to groom young talents who can contribute to the global society. Gathering support from various companies…

3. Contributing to Asia’s Development

Through our activities, we promote and enhance the interaction among young people across Asian countries, including Japan. We aim to contribute to Asia’s development…

ASPaC Award

ASPaC awards are given to outstanding student participants in the Asia Package Design Competition (ASPaC). Award-winning entries will be publicly exhibited in the participating countries and regions.

Company Visits

ASPaC award winners will take part in specially arranged company visits where they learn about the importance of design while deepening their understanding of the company cultures and activities.

Forums and Workshops

We carry out workshops at universities and also organize company and design forums, in order to enhance mutual understanding among the companies, design industries and students.

Interaction Among Global Talents

We reinforce interactions among global talents through our program and construct a robust relationship connecting students, companies and other stakeholders to a greater future.

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Ms. Kamiyama Karin Mai

I am now working as a package designer at Pola Inc. I do believe what has made me a package designer now is the experience…

Ms. Rina Yamaguchi

Now I work as a designer at Bravis International. Before participating in this ASPaC, I had absolutely no plans about my future.

Ms. Akira Morikawa

This design is based on reviewing the obvious elements of tap water when we commercialize tap water as a beverage.

Ms. Masako Ono

I remember every programme even now and it was a happy experience. Especially it was fun to be with Korean winners all the time during the programme and…